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In every branch of the family tree, we find the roots that connect us to the past and extend towards the future.
Tânia Ornelas Madeira Lineage

Who and What?small blue emblem

Hello, I'm Tânia Ornelas, the founder of Madeira Lineage.

It all started when my partner and a retired lady who worked at the Regional Archive of Madeira showed me what Genealogy is.

Since I worked in the administrative area, I always enjoyed research, organization, and study. All of this came together and became a great passion.

I've been researching for 4 years now, being self-taught. I learn a lot from books and the internet, but more precisely from the help of people who have been doing this for longer.

The handwriting in the records was the most challenging and interesting part for me. I learned to read from the most complex to the abbreviations.

I discovered my origins and was fascinated. Now, I want people with ancestors here on the island of Madeira to have the opportunity to experience the same feeling.

With this project, I want to progress and make it extend beyond the borders of the island.

How to Start?

Madeira Lineage


Discover names, dates, and places of your immediate ancestors, such as parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents.

All information can be helpful in getting our research off the ground.

Madeira Lineage


Arrange by digitizing any birth, death, immigration, or work documents.

Note down full names along with their respective dates so that you have an overview of what you already know.

Madeira Lineage


Send all your findings via email so that I can have an overview of all the records, names, and dates of your ancestors.

The more information, the better the match.

What will you receive?

Madeira Lineage

Ancestry Tree

Horizontal graphics displaying 5 generations from the first person, totaling 31 names for each ancestry tree.

Madeira Lineage

Copies of Documents

Copies of the original birth and death certificates, baptismal and marriage documents of the "most important ancestors"

Madeira Lineage

Origin of Surnames

History of your Portuguese or European surnames in Madeira or Continental Portugal, along with your noble coat of arms.

Madeira Lineage

Personal Coat of Arms

In all our research, we draw your personal coat of arms based on both your paternal and maternal sides of the family.

Madeira Lineage

Marital Map

A map of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo divided by parishes indicating the highest marriage rate according to the area.

Old Photo Augusto


Package Lineage

✓ 1 pedigree chart
✓ 5 generations
✓ 31 ancestors
Up to the 18th century

Package Vintage

✓ 1 pedigree chart
✓ 7 generations
✓ 127 ancestors
Up to the 17th century

Package Ancient

✓ 17 pedigree charts
✓ 9 generations
✓ 527 ancestors
Up to the 16th century

Other Services

  • Document Transcription

  • Biographies

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